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My personal pick for comedy of the summer is going to a new step on Nicole Kidman's ladder. Comedy is something new for the Aussi born actress and there is no better co-star and coach then Will Ferrell to guide her through the humor genre. The master of sketch comedy has teamed up with an oscar winning bombshell to re-produce the classic 60's television show "Bewitched". You didn't need to live during the 60's to get this plot. Attractive mysterious woman uses her twitch to stir up trouble and confuse the masses.

The advance and regular style posters are some of the most vividly colored posters I've seen all year. A lot of effort was put in to enhance the quality of image and the fact that glossy paper was used further produces an eye catching effect. There is something about simple images with the right combination of colors and white space that draw me to a poster.

If you're into Will Ferrell flicks or was a fan of the Bewitched series, I strongly recommend picking up the poster. It will bring any wall to life.


  • Hey man, Will Ferrel kicks ass. I can't wait to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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