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King Kong

The king of all monsters, King Kong hits a theatre near you this coming Christmas, and with Peter Jackson behind the wheel, you know this is going to be good. I have seen a teaser trailer on the net and I am extremely excited to see the NBC trailer tonight at 9 pm. Kong has long been a favorite of the monster movie genre for children of all ages. The awesome power of the giant ape, mixed with the sensitive generosity, turns King Kong into a hero rather then a foe of the human race.

The Original artwork featured on posters from the 30's depict a brutish menace, void of fear for the humans that enslave and try to destroy the unnatural ape. We know from the original story that Kong is captured and put on display for paying customers who dare to witness the bizarre. The 1st teaser poster doesn't really give any hint into the story line or even an image of what Kong might look like. The text looks like it could be etched onto the side of a cave wall, or as some people assume, written on a curtain.

The film itself was shot on the beautiful island of New Zealand, the same place as the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We know there will be a Skull Island, home of Kong, amongst the jungle life of the south pacific. We also know that the film sets itself in the 1930's, which keeps true to the original story. Nothing is worse then trying to include a story in which the timeline doesn't permit, a la Godzilla 2000. Rumors say that Andy Serkis ( voice and motion of Gollum ) will use his talent to mold Kong into a walking, jumping, smashing, lifelike character on the screen, rather then the claymation ancestor of the original film.

So for all you Kong fans, or anyone looking for the next blockbuster worth seeing at the theaters, check out the NBC trailer tonight on any NBC owned station from 8:55 to 9:03.


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