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Lobby Cards

Imagine a time when movie trailers didn't exist. No advance peek at some of the best scenes from the movie you had been waiting all year for. No catch phrases sticking in your mind until the opening day. Imagine actually having to walk down to the closest theatre and walking through the lobby, staring at pieces of paper 14" by 11" to get some idea of what the newest releases had to offer. The Lobby Card was the standard form of "trailer" for movies up until the mid 80's when they were phased out of North America. Usually coming in numbered sets of 8, the lobby cards would serve its purpose as a kind of story board for the film. The card set would start with a title card, displaying the credits and possibly the main characters, and then subsequent scene cards with actually stills of the main actors, mid scene, giving you an idea of the costumes and sets used in the filming. A few dead cards would be part of the set again to give you an idea of the set and ambiance of the film. Lobby cards are much more rare then posters and only the foreign market still gets the privilege of acquiring this artwork.

Here are some cards from some more popular titles over the last few decades.