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Dark Water

The stunning Jennifer Connelly is currently in the spotlight, doing the circuit of talk shows trying to promote her new film Dark Water. It would seem that this film is a year late to come out. The mediocre success of modern day horror flicks has prompted the makers of "The Ring" to create yet another supernatural tale of haunting ghosts terrorizing the occupants of an old apartment. Suspense works on many levels, and the story line doesn't necessarily need to be entirely original for the special effects team to get their point across.

From the trailers, Dark Water seems to have all the same elements that made people jump in their seats for The Ring. I personally think that believing what you're seeing on screen is what is important for scare factor. The Japanese release of The Ring titled "Ringu" to me contained no more suspense then the Little Mermaid. A bit of black makeup under your eyes doesn't make me believe you're dead, I just won't get frightened by something I can see in a crowd in a concert. Dark Water, much like the American release of The Ring, depicts ghosts that fade in and out of reality, act and look like they are indeed dead, and that is what will scare my pants off.

Jennifer Connelly as of late is showing us the many sides of her acting ability. Leading in A Beautiful Mind and now delving in the horror genre. She seems perfect for this role.

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