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Brothers Grimm

Grimm times for the movie making industry calls on desperate measures. Bring in a supernatural tale of monsters and demons, and add Matt Damon as their vanquisher and you could just entice audiences back to the theater going experience. The Tale of the Grimm Brothers, Jacob and Wilhelm, originated in Germany as 2 story telling siblings captured the hearts of children in Europe. The tale of the Brothers Grimm has been told over and over, on streets, stage and later on film in 1963. Remaking this account of the real life story tellers has Matt Damon and Heath Ledger traveling through Europe, scamming villagers into believing that the supernatural is out to get them and only the Brothers Grimm can protect them. Eventually, myth becomes reality and the sly duo is put to the test when a true power confronts them.

There are 5 1 sheet advance posters for this film. The first featuring the main characters, Jake and Will Grimm, and the others showcase some examples of the Gimm tales. Catchy phrases known well to all at the top of each poster. An ere scene of little red riding hood skipping through a dead forest and what seems to be the evil step mother of sleeping beauty are just some of the examples.

Here are the advanced styles.

March of the Penguins

By far the hottest selling poster right now at is the regular one sheet for the documentary on the Emperor penguins of the Antarctic, March of the Penguins. This film appeals to children of all ages and despite the brutal heat, cools the soul as it depicts the migration and mating patterns of the gentle birds. The poster contains beautiful vibrant colors and gives us an example of the relationship between a mother and child penguin. Not many documentaries make it to the big screen, film creators take a chance when they apply their effort and resources in making them. This may push National Geographic to reward their fans with more tales of reality.