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Corpse Bride

For those of you who are srict impulse buyers like myself, after seeing the advance poster for Corpse Bride, I think you will agree that this outstanding piece of film art would belong on any wall. I choose to write about posters that stand out in the sea of printed material out there. When i saw this poster come in, my eyes immediately lit up. Not many posters get it all right, the combination of color, font, effect use of white space, all those elements that hit a cord in your mind that instinctively draws you to the image. I saw Nightmare Before Christmas when it first came out and I loved Edward Scisscor Hands for its out of this world imagary.

There is also a banner that shows us a few of the other characters that live in this dead world and more of the eary scenery.

Tim Burton keeps me coming back for more of his non stop creative rollercoaster.